10 “Tokyo Drift” Ahi Tuna Tartar
Imported Red Tuna Ahi and Pink Ginger Snap; served with Black Sesame Peanut Slaw, Wonton, chips and side of Salted Edamame.

11 Ali Baba Falafel Wrap
Golden Brown Fresh Ground Spiced Garbanzos, Fava Beans fritters, Hummus Dip, Baba Ganaoush and yogurt mint with Chinese cucumber “Tzatziki”, Rolled into a Fresh Garden Wrap and a side of Yucca Tater Tots. 

12 Poor Man’s Oysters
Belgium Black Point Mussels Served with Fries and a Horseadish Mayonnaise

13 Moulin Rouge Burger
 A perfect Mix of Imported Black Angus American Beef Pattie between a soft Bun, French Camembert Cheese, Swiss Cheese, Organic Arugula Topped with Fried Onions Straws and Cajun Dusted Sweet Potato Fries.

14 Wild Wild West
Shake and Bake herbed Breaded Farm Raised Deep Fried Chicken, crispy Savory Waffle; Drizzled with Honey Orange Chutney. 

15 London Times
Fresh Local Grouper Fillet, Fancy Chip Shop, Indian Madras, Curry Sauce, Tartar Sauce and Potato Fries. 

16 Viva Paris by Night
Mixed Organic Greens, Toasted Walnuts, Roquefort Blue cheese, Organic Radish, Ripened Tomatoes, Black Dried Prunes, Apricots and fresh Crudités finished with balsamic Reduction

17 Under the Tuscan Sky
Egg Fettuccini Tossed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Reggiano Parmesan Confetti, Roasted Sunflower Seed & Topped Poached Egg.

18 Irie Mon Paradise
Atlantic Diver Conch, Green Rocket Salad. Sweet Caramelized Dominican Pineapple-papaya Chutney, Mango Lime Vinaigrette; served with a side of Fresh Dominican Plantain chips and sweet grilled Pineapple.


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